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Model RR – The Renegade Rhino Holster


A standout rig for a standout revolver, enter the Renegade Rhino. This rig is the first and only quality leather gunbelt for the Chiappa Rhino on the market.   We designed this rig as a way to show off one of our favorite wheelguns without sacrificing utility on the road or at the ranch. The crossdraw holster makes it easy to carry a rifle on your shoulder since the pistol is clear and away from your shooting arm. And let’s just be perfectly honest here- the coolest way to carry your gun is in a cross draw.

Western Rig Sizing Instructions
Gun Belt Sizing Instructions

The Chiappa Rhino Revolver

The Chiappa Rhino is truly beautiful revolver that has developed a cult like following by many of its owners.  The unique design of this revolver positions the barrel at the bottom of the cylinder.  This allows the shooters to align the bore with their index finger.  It also dramatically reduces muzzle rise and felt recoil.  Looking like something out of blade runner, the Rhino is a great example of form following function.  The Italian revolver’s exotic design and remarkable engineering deserved a holster that would be as functional and beautiful as the gun it carries.

The Renegade Rhino Holster

When we decided to make a holster for the Rhino Revolver we wanted to make a gun rig that was practical and comfortable.  But we also wanted a look that would compliment this truly unique revolver.  Whether your hunting, hiking, working cattle or just enjoying the outdoors.  Our Renegade Rhino holster was designed for for all day comfort and accessibility.

We chose to make our Rhino holster in a cross-draw carry configuration for a couple of reasons. One, this style of carry keeps the gun close to the body and makes it accessible from both standing and seated positions.  This is great for when driving a truck, ATV or when on horseback at the ranch.   Two,  the design also allows you to were a heavy winter coat and still draw the revolver by reaching into your jacket from the front.  Lastly, when hunting with your favorite rifle, the cross-draw carry style keeps the revolver clear way of your slung rifle.


  1. Holster is made from heavy duty 8oz. Veg. Tanned Saddle leather
  2. Fully leather lined and hand formed to the Rhino Revolver
  3. Double stitched full welt for extreme durability
  4. Cross-draw configuration
  5. Three inch wide heavy duty fully lined 9oz. belt
  6. Twenty four hand molded bullet loops on belt
  7. Three emergency reloads on the holster
  8. Hand stamped and hand dyed
  9. Solid brass clip corner buckle

How our holsters are built

Premium leather gun holsters should be as beautiful as they are functional.  They should be aesthetically pleasing and add beauty to your every day carry gun.  Our custom leather holsters are no exception.  When making our holsters we pay attention to every detail to make sure it is something you will be proud to wear and even show off.  We start by cutting from the best part if the hide.  We hand dye it in our shop to ensure a rich deep color that will accent your firearm.  Once made, we hand mold and form the holster to your specific gun.  With focus on making sure it has a proper fit but is also visually pleasing.  The edges are sanded and then hand burnished to a smooth glossy finish.  This not only looks good but it also prevents moisture from entering the edges of the leather.  Our leather gun holsters are then polished and a clear coating is applied to protect the finish.  Kirkpatrick custom leather holsters are created to be a beautiful addition to your gun collection.

Remember, when you buy from Kirkpatrick Leather Company, you are supporting American jobs & manufacturing!

Due to size limitations, this holster is unavailable for the Chiappa Rhino 200 series (2″ version).

Gun Model

Rhino 60DS/60SAR, Rhino 50DS/50SAR, Rhino 40DS/40SAR, Rhino 30DS/30SAR, Rhino Match Master, Other (Specify in Notes)


Hand Dyed Brown, Hand Dyed Black, Hand Dyed Saddle Tan


357MAG/38SPL/9MM, 40SW, Other (Specify in Notes)


Right Handed, Left Handed

Jean Size

28" waist, 30" waist, 32" waist, 34" waist, 36" waist, 38" waist, 40" waist, 42" waist, Other (Please Call)

Actual Size

26" To Center Hole, 28" To Center Hole, 30" To Center Hole, 32" To Center Hole, 34" To Center Hole, 36" To Center Hole, 38" To Center Hole, 40" To Center Hole, 42" To Center Hole, 44" To Center Hole, 46" To Center Hole, 48" To Center Hole, 50" To Center Hole, 52" To Center Hole, 54" To Center Hole, 56" To Center Hole, Other (Please Call)


Plain, Basket Weave, Hand Tooled



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