Cowboy Holsters

Kirkpatrick Leather cowboy holsters come backed by more than 70 years of Texas gun holster craftsmanship. We’ve proudly made the world’s greatest gun leather from our workshop in Laredo, Texas, since 1950, and each holster rig is crafted only using the finest American leather.

Cowboy holsters are more than just a way to carry a gun. They are an icon of the American West, an inseparable part of Old West folklore. They were used by cowboys and ranchers throughout our history and made famous by lawmen and outlaws like Pat Garrett, Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid and Jesse James. 

Because of their rich history, a cowboy western holster is as much a part of our western traditions as the guns they carry. At Kirkpatrick Leather Company we continue to promote our Western heritage by manufacturing high quality, hard-working, authentic Old West holsters and belts. The lead time for a Kirkpatrick western holster is 4 weeks.

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For 70 years, we’ve been making quality gun leather that’s beautiful, functional, and durable. When you buy Kirkpatrick cowboy leather holsters, including western holsters, you’re getting professionally made products that’ll last as long as the guns they’re made for.

Our John Wayne Holster is a special tribute to the icon of the American west, crafted with the same care and quality the Duke would expect. When you pass your gun down to the next generation, your Kirkpatrick Leather holster will get passed down with it.

Our custom cowboy holsters are made from premium leather and designed for everyday use. We also have fantastic competition-level holsters for cowboy action shooting.  Whether you’re looking for a double holster gun belt for the ranch or a Western cross-draw holster for your next hunt, our cowboy holsters will hold your revolver firmly in place until you need it.

Custom made Old West Holsters & Cowboy Holsters
Constructed of 8-9 oz. American saddle leather, our holsters are fully lined for rigidity & durability. With the inclusion of Semi-Auto Pistol Holster in our lineup, we ensure that our heavyweight construction keeps the holsters open when re-holstering. We stitch our cowboy holsters with very strong 7 cord bonded nylon thread, and we double-stitch them at stress points. Cowboy holster belts are made using heavy 9 oz. saddle leather and are fully leather lined. They feature 24 hand-molded bullet loops and come equipped with high-quality solid steel and brass hardware.

Available in a variety of configurations, our Cowboy holsters are patterned after those used during the days of the Wild West. We make styles ranging from the early Slim Jim and California styles to the later Mexican double loop. For hunters, our Hunting holsters offer superior functionality and comfort. Whichever you choose, we’ll make sure your new cowboy belt and holster, perhaps even a Leather Rifle Sling, is made using only the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship.

Each Kirkpatrick western holster and leather belt is available in hand-dyed black, brown, mahogany, and tan colors.We take into account your barrel length, trigger guard, strap, and any other holster accessory you may need. We can also hand tool your order with a border stamped, basket weave, or hand-tooled finish. 

If you want a cowboy holster and belt that really stands out, add a silver buckle, accents, or custom nickel spots to it. We stock an assortment of silver accessories, buckles, initials, and Conchos to make the most elaborate Cowboy holster rigs.

Everything we make at Kirkpatrick Leather is custom-made. Nothing’s off the shelf. When you place an order with us, we custom make your gun belt just for you.