Western Cross Draw Holster

Current lead time on a Kirkpatrick Leather custom cross draw holster is 4 weeks.

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The Western Cross-Draw Holsters offered by Kirkpatrick Leather Company are the epitome of quality and functionality. Crafted with the user’s comfort and accessibility in mind, these western holsters allow for a quick and smooth draw, a vital feature for those engaged in cowboy action shooting or for practical self-defense.

Whether you’re interested in cowboy holsters, a special John Wayne Holster, or a double holster gun belt, the cross-draw design adds an extra layer of security while ensuring a stylish appearance that harkens back to the classic Western era. Made with the finest materials, our Western Cross-Draw Holsters are not just accessories; they’re an investment in timeless quality.

At Kirkpatrick Leather Company, quality craftsmanship is at the heart of our operation. Each piece, including our Western Cross-Draw Holsters, Semi-Auto Pistol Holster, and Hunting holsters, is masterfully created by our experienced artisans. Every stitch and detail is meticulously handled, turning the leather into a functional work of art, even extending to our unique Leather Rifle Sling. It’s not just about making holsters; it’s about creating pieces that resonate with the spirit of the Old West.

Since 1950, our Texas-based team has been dedicated to handcrafting custom leather holsters and accessories that stand the test of time. The traditions and values of the Old West permeate our work, and that legacy is embedded in every holster we produce. Choosing a Western Cross-Draw Holster from Kirkpatrick Leather Company is more than a purchase; it’s an embrace of history, quality, and a heritage that’s built to endure.