Shoulder Holsters

Current lead time 10-15 weeks.

If you are looking for a high quality, comfortable shoulder holsters system for your carry gun then try a Kirkpatrick Leather shoulder holster.  Our shoulder holsters are not one size fits all.  They are hand made by master leather workers with decades of experience to perfectly fit you and your gun .  Using only the finest American leather and hardware. Each holster is custom made to be extremely comfortable, secure, and most importantly functional.

Our shoulder holsters are available in 3 different carry styles.  Our best selling shoulder holster is our Detective Carry model.  A simple and straightforward minimalist design. It features a hand molded single holster on an extremely comfortable soft leather harness.  Perfect for those who are looking to carry only their gun.  It is a no-nonsense solution that will allow you to comfortably carry your handgun all day long.

Double shoulder holster system

Our double shoulder holster systems provide 2 great carry options for your handgun and reloads.  Both of our double shoulder holster systems are made using only the finest leather and are designed with your security and comfort in mind.

Our X-Carry shoulder holster system features our lightest most versatile harness.  It’s flexible strap design will provide you the ability to move comfortably without the harness becoming loose or binding and bunching up.   It is a very low profile design that will securely hold your firearm close to your body during normal everyday activities.  The X-Carry shoulder holster system is the preferred carry option for most of our customers carrying small and medium frame firearms.

The HD-Carry is our heavy duty shoulder holster.  It features a wide harness to better distribute the weight of heavier firearms.   Cut on a contour so that it lays flat against the body. The wide shoulder straps on the HD-400 therefore provides remarkable comfort and concealment.  The HD-Carry features a wide range of adjustment making it a favorite among our larger frame customers.

Whichever style shoulder holster you choose Kirkpatrick Leather shoulder holsters will provide you with a holster you can depend on for years to come.

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