Glock 43 Shoulder Holster Model K400


K400 – Detective Carry Shoulder Holster

Sometimes less is more, and that’s when you’ll need your trusty Model K400 under your arm. This shoulder holster’s minimalist design coupled with the micro contour of the Glock 43 makes for an impossibly stealthy combo. Add a tie down strap to keep your holster snugly against your side.

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The K400 is a favorite among plainclothes police. Its open-muzzle design reduces the size of the holster and allows for the carry of different length barrel pistols. The shoulder straps are thin enough for concealing with light cover, yet very durable. The wide design of the harness distributes the weight of the firearm, reducing fatigue during extended use. 


  • Molded sight rail
  • Soft, durable leather straps
  • Double stitched at stress points
  • Gun-specific hand molding
  • Thumb-break design

Price includes:
K400 harness
K400 holster

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