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Crafting everyday carry gun belts isn’t any easy task. You need an EDC gun belt that someone actually wants to carry every day. Concealed carry, OWB, IWB, it doesn’t matter. A custom Kirkpatrick leather EDC belt is top of the line. 

At Kirkpatrick Leather Company, we believe that a good leather belt is an essential accessory for anyone who carries a firearm. That’s why we offer a wide range of high-quality leather gun belts that are designed to look good and function properly.


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Our edc belts are crafted from the same high-quality American leather as every Kirkpatrick hand-crafted holster, ensuring durability so your belt can stand up to everyday wear and tear. Attention to detail is our specialty in our shop down in Laredo, Texas. We make sure every detail is cared for during the manufacturing process, from hand dyeing each concealed carry belt to the seven cord bonded nylon thread used for sewing. 

Our leather belts come in a variety of styles, from a standard belt to more ornate designs with intricate tooling and carving. Whether you’re looking for a traditional belt to wear with jeans or one that can be dressed up for a more formal occasion, we have options that will meet your needs.

What is EDC?

EDC stands for everyday carry, an acronym used in firearm circles for keeping your gun belt or holster on you all the time. Handguns are only good for protection when by your side, so an everyday carry belt or holster is an important part of firearm ownership. 

Fortunately, there’s lots of great options for everyday carry equipment. Whether you’re looking for concealed carry holsters, a quality leather gun belt, a holster for a belt loop, or even a custom leather belt with tactical gear, the Kirkpatrick holster crafters have the perfect fit for you. 

At Kirkpatrick Leather Company, we take pride in our commitment to American manufacturing and craftsmanship. All of our leather belts are handcrafted right here in Texas, and we stand behind the quality of every product we sell.

Looking for a leather belt for everyday wear or a gun belt for carrying your firearm? You can trust that Kirkpatrick Leather Company has the perfect option for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to waist size or belt size for your belts?

We are only limited by the size of the cow our hide is sourced from. However, additional costs will be applied to sizes above 46”. For EDC belt orders above 46” an additional $20 will be added to your order. No matter your waist size you can be sure that you will receive a quality belt for your EDC needs.  

What makes a good belt?

The first thing that makes a good belt is good leather. At Kirkpatrick Leather Company, we exclusively source high-quality American tanned leather for all of our products. In addition to our established design, you can be certain to receive the highest quality EDC leather belt on the market.

Do your belts have normal belt holes?

Our EDC belts do have normal belt holes as our design keeps tradition in mind. With our strong leather design our belts can bear the weight of an EDC load without needing to worry about the belt holes folding over, or having to rely on some proprietary mechanisms to make up for cheap and weak materials.

Can I buy a regular belt, or do you only make gun belts?

Our EDC gun belts are essentially regular belts that are built with high-quality materials and with strength in mind. How you wear one of our belts is up to you. Whether you are securing your gun or just securing your pants, our EDC belts are the best choice.