B-75 Belt – 1.75 Tapered – Model B75


Belt size Information

To determine the correct belt size, please measure your existing dress belt as follows:

1. Take a belt that you already wear comfortably and lay it on a flat surface.
2. Measure the belt from the tip of the belt buckle to the hole being used when wearing your belt.  This measurement is the belt size.
3. If the measurement taken is an odd number, you should round up to the next size. For example: if the measurement is 41″, then you would round up to a 42″ inch belt size. This would be the most accurate measurement possible


Most people require a belt that is one size larger than their jeans.

*** It is important to note that when using and IWB holster, we strongly recommend adding 2″ to the measurement to accommodate the extra bulk that comes with IWB carry holsters. ***

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Heavy duty 1 3/4″ belt is tapered to 1 1/2″ at the ends. 9oz. leather; fully lined construction provides extra support for your holstered pistol. Equipped with a heavy-duty solid buckle. The model B-75 belt was crafted for heavy use.

Remember to ask for 1 3/4″ belt loops on your holster if you are going to use this belt.

Our custom leather belts are constructed from the same high quality materials as our holsters. When making our leather belts we pay attention to every detail.

We start by cutting from the best part of the hide.  We then hand dye the belt to ensure a rich deep color.  It is then sewn using seven cord bonded nylon thread. Cut from heavy 9oz. vegetable tanned leather and fully lined. Finished with a solid brass nickel plated buckle this belt is sure to provide you with many years of service. Our leather belts are built to last.

We have been proudly making our custom holsters right here in the great state of Texas, since 1950. All our holsters are custom made from high quality American leather.

Remember, when you buy from Kirkpatrick Leather Company, you are supporting American jobs & manufacturing


Hand Dyed Brown, Hand Dyed Black, Hand Dyed Saddle Tan

Belt Size

26" To Center Hole, 28" To Center Hole, 30" To Center Hole, 32" To Center Hole, 34" To Center Hole, 36" To Center Hole, 38" To Center Hole, 40" To Center Hole, 42" To Center Hole, 44" To Center Hole, 46" To Center Hole, 48" To Center Hole + $20, 50" To Center Hole + $20, 52" To Center Hole + $20, 54" To Center Hole + $20, 56" To Center Hole + $20

Inside Finish

Smooth Leather Lined (+$80), Suede Lined (Standard)

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