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The best 1911 Holster OWB

The best 1911 holster OWB carry.

The best 1911 holster OWB carry.  An iconic piece of American history, no gun enthusiast’s collection is complete without it.  If you own one, there is no better place for your 1911 to sit, than in a top-quality custom molded, Kirkpatrick Leather holster.  With over 70 years honing our craft, Kirkpatrick Leather holsters are second to none in terms of quality, fit and comfort.  

Quick Ship holsters are custom made holsters that are in stock or in process and typically ship in 2-7 business days.

2010 leather holster for 1911


Model 2010 – Undercover 1911 holster OWB

 Our most popular 1911 holster OWB, the Undercover, is our take on the classic pancake style holster.  The double belt slots ensure your 1911 stays firmly in place during a one-handed draw and during holstering.  The contoured design keeps the holster flat against your body and keeps the holster open when your pistol is in use.  If you’re looking for a holster that conceals well and is comfortable enough for all day carry this one is hard to beat.  This a QuickShip Custom Holster.  Buy Now and get it Fast.

1911 holster OWB model TSS 1000x667


Model TSS – Texas Strong Side 1911 holster OWB

For 1911 EDC we offer our time tested Texas Strong Side.  Very concealable and very quick it has become a favorite among competitive shooters.  The design features a reinforced opening for added durability and easy one hand holstering.   One belt slot with a molded belt channel will keep the grip of your 1911 closer to your body for better concealment with light cover.  Very comfortable and concealable the TSS is a great holster to carry your 1911.  This a QuickShip Custom Holster.  Buy Now and get it Fast.

1911 leather crossdraw holster


Model TCD – Texas Cross Draw 1911 holster OWB

Drivers and desk jockeys look no further for your perfect holster. The Texas Cross Draw is perfect for drawing your 1911 from a seated position, or for carrying while trekking with a rifle slung over your shoulder. And let’s be real here- you’ll never look cooler than when you’re carrying a Cross Draw.  Features include hand molding, reinforced opening, contoured to your body with cross draw angle for easy access.  This a QuickShip Custom Holster.  Buy Now and get it Fast.

1911 holster OWB model TRC 1000x667


Model TRC – The Reserve Carry 1911 holster OWB

The Reserve is a 1911 OWB leather holster designed to be easily taken on and off throughout the day.  This updated pancake holster design will make trips to the range just that much more convenient. We replaced the traditional double belt slots of a pancake holster with two double snap keepers so you can easily attach or remove your holster without unbuckling your belt.  If you’re looking for the best leather OWB 1911 holster with the flexibility to remove quickly, the Reserve holster will be perfect for you.  This very comfortable, concealable holster is a great choice for every day carry.  This a QuickShip Custom Holster.  Buy Now and get it Fast.

We make best leather 1911 OWB holster because we carry 1911’s too.

With its long history and iconic design, the 1911 is one of the most important handguns in the last 100 years.  Originally designed by John Browning for the U.S. military.  The 1911 is still one of the most popular guns for everything from bullseye shooting to every day carry.  It’s simple design and reputation for accuracy has made this beloved pistol a favorite for many.  Over the years the extreme popularity of this firearm has prompted many manufacturers to producing their own version of the pistol.  When it comes to modern day pistols, some of today’s finest firearms are the 1911’s being produced by custom manufacturers.  Companies like Wilson Combat, Night Hawk,  Les Baer, Turnbull, STI Staccato all make 1911 that are extremely accurate, reliable and beautiful.  

At Kirkpatrick Leather we are fans of the 1911 pistol.  Many of us here own and carry one for self-defense.  My dad, who started Kirkpatrick Leather Co., used one in WWII and for most of his life thereafter.  I personally have a number of them and many of the holster makers here carry 1911’s too.  We collect them; we use them for everyday carry, competition and hunting.  And we are always looking for ways to improve our 1911 holsters.  We believe our familiarity with the design helps us communicate with you to make sure you get the perfect 1911 holster.

While there are many companies offering 1911 holsters, most offer a one size fits all solution.  Unfortunately, unlike other modern pistols, 1911’s are available from many manufacturers and custom shops with a lot of options.  For 1911 holsters to fit correctly, a one size fits all approach may not be for you.  

Our holsters are made one at a time for the specific 1911 you carry.  All of our 1911 holsters are available for either cocked and locked carry or hammer down carry.  They can also be custom made for barrel lengths from 3.0” to 6.0”.  If your pistol has custom options like an over-sized safety, suppressor sights, threaded barrel or if it is equipped with a red dot sight.  Its because of all of these options, our love of 1911’s and our years of experience that we believe we make the best leather OWB 1911 holster.  Give us a call and we can make a beautiful, custom leather 1911 holster for you.

The Best 1911 OWB holsters by design.

When it comes to quality holsters for every day carry (EDC) we have a great selection of 1911 OWB holsters that are sure to work for your carry situation.  Our 1911 OWB leather holsters are designed to ride close the body for easy concealment.  They will securely hold your firearm and keep it completely out of sight with even light cover.  All of our holsters are made to provide good retention and easy access to the grip so you can secure a good shooting grip from the draw.  Made using durable American saddle leather and hand molded for a perfect fit.  Our 1911 OWB holsters will provide enough retention for EDC without sacrificing access.  Comfortable for all day carry, holsters are hand molded with a contour so that your 1911 is extremely concealable without digging into your body.  

Our 1911 OWB leather holster features:

     -Hand Molding for retention and access
    -American saddle leather construction to keep holster open for one handed holstering
    -Contoured design for comfortable EDC all day
    -Double stitching for extreme durability
    -Width specific belt loops and slots for stability
    -Hand dyed finish for deep rich color

We have been proudly making our leather, right here in the U.S.A., since 1950.  Each holster is hand crafted, one at a time, in the great state of Texas using only the finest American leather.  Remember, when you buy from Kirkpatrick Leather Company, you are supporting American jobs & manufacturing.