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Best 1911 Holsters: Finding Your Perfect Fit

The 1911 is an iconic firearm in American history, and it deserves a holster equally iconic. The best 1911 holster delivers the perfect combination of comfort and safety when it comes to carrying your firearm, aligning style and practicality with functionality. 

With a longstanding legacy in the custom leather goods landscape, Kirkpatrick Custom Leather Holsters makes it easy for customers to choose the ideal accessory for any firearm. In this guide, we’ll share everything you need to know to make the right choice when selecting a holster for your 1911. 

Whether you’re looking for an ergonomic experience, concealed carrying option, or quick access, here’s your guide to choosing the best 1911 holster.


Understanding the 1911: An American Icon

Designed by Colt, the 1911 pistol is a firearm with an incredible history. Introduced in 1911, it quickly became the standard-issue sidearm in the United States military, serving soldiers throughout the Korean and Vietnam wars. 

The reliability, innovative design, and stopping power of this firearm earned it a distinguished reputation in the industry. Even after the military replaced this pistol with more modern alternatives, the 1911 has remained popular among civilians for defense, competitions, and recreational use.

Over the years, dozens of manufacturers have created their own unique versions of the 1911, ensuring there’s something to suit everyone, regardless of your budget, or preferences. The 1911 even comes in a range of sizes, from the government frame with its 5-inch barrel, to the commander frame (4.25-inch barrel), and officer frame (3.5-inch barrel) options.

The lightweight and slim single-stack design of the 1911 pistol is further enhanced by a unique thumb safety and distinctive grip, facilitating ergonomic handling. When choosing a gun holster for this firearm, it’s crucial to choose a solution custom-made for the design and structure of the 1911, while also prioritizing comfort, convenience, and practicality.


Importance of a Custom 1911 Holster

A secure and comfortable carry holster is a must-have for any firearm. Regardless of which type of holster you prefer; a custom solution will give you a much better experience in the long-term. A custom leather holster will be specifically tailored to the exact specifications of the 1911 firearm, ensuring a superior fit, and excellent performance. 

Additionally, with a custom design from a company like Kirkpatrick Leather Co., you can enjoy exceptional comfort. We design our holsters to evenly distribute the weight of your pistol, reducing pressure points and allowing for more convenient long-term wear. 

Speaking of long-term wear, a leather holster will give you exceptional longevity compared to synthetic materials. A well-crafted leather holster can last for decades, offering an excellent combination of reliable performance and aesthetic appeal. 

Plus, choosing the right holster will optimize the safety and accessibility of your firearm. A secure holster, attached to your belt, or worn over the shoulders will keep your firearm in place until it’s needed, reducing the risk of accidental dislodging. At the same time, your holster will help to improve draw speed and accessibility, meaning you don’t have to fumble with your firearm when it’s needed.


Types of 1911 Holsters by Kirkpatrick Leather Co.

Everyone has their own distinct preferences when it comes to choosing a gun holster. That’s why we offer a wide range of 1911 holsters to choose from, to suit every need. Whether you’re looking for concealed carry options, or a traditional western holster, we have something to suit you.

Here’s a quick guide to the three most popular holster options, and their benefits.


Western Holsters

Western holsters are perhaps the most “traditional” type of leather holster for firearm enthusiasts. They pay homage to historical gunfighters, with classic elements, such as decorative stitching, metal accents, and intricate tooling, reflecting the aesthetic of the Old West. 

These holsters are best-suited to firearm owners who want to use their 1911 pistol in enactments, historical displays, and cowboy action shooting experiences. They’re also ideal for everyday carry among people who prefer a vintage appearance.


Outside the Waistband (OWB) Holsters

Great for comfort, OWB holsters are fantastic for both open carry and concealed carry when paired with a cover garment. Our OWB holsters feature robust belt loops, for stability, as well as adjustable retention systems to secure your 1911 pistol in place. 

If you’re looking for long-term comfort during extended wear periods, OWB 1911 holsters are a great choice. They distribute weight evenly across the belt, and they offer faster draw options and easier access than alternative inside-the-waistband (IWB) options.


Shoulder Holsters

Another excellent option for a comfortable carry, shoulder holsters feature a convenient design that distributes the weight of your firearm across your back and shoulders. Our 1911 shoulder holsters come with adjustable straps, and customizable holster positioning to ensure the perfect fit. 

These holsters make sense for people who want a concealed carry experience (under a jacket), allowing for a discreet carrying option. They’re also particularly useful when easy access is necessary when seated or driving.


Craftsmanship and Customization Options

The great thing about investing in custom 1911 holsters, is you can adapt your solution to suit your specific needs. At Kirkpatrick, we use handcrafting techniques passed down through the generations to create the highest quality holsters for every need. Our attention to detail in cutting, molding, stitching, and finishing ensures you get the perfect blend of comfort and style.

Plus, we offer a range of options to help you make your holster unique to you. We even offer various personalization options, ranging from distinct colors and finishes, to hand tooling and engraving. You can add initials, logos, or unique designs to each product. 

What’s more, if you really want to take your look to the next level, you can choose from a range of matching belts and accessories to suit your style.


How to Choose the Right 1911 Holster

Ultimately, choosing the ideal 1911 holster for your needs comes down to three core considerations. You already know leather is the best material for durability, so we recommend considering:

  • Comfort and fit: The best gun holster should offer a snug, secure fit, without compromising comfort. Look for a solution that can hold your firearm safely, while being comfortable enough for regular daily wear. Make sure the holster can be properly aligned with your body to ensure balance and reduce discomfort. 

  • Intended use: How do you plan on using your 1911 pistol? Whether you carry your firearm every day, use it for law enforcement applications or engage in competition shooting, your use case will affect which type of holster is right for you. Choose a solution that gives you the comfort, style, and accessibility you need for your lifestyle. 

  • Style preference and body type: The ideal holster should match your body type perfectly, fitting comfortably based on your size and shape. At the same time, it should look aesthetically appealing. Choose something that aligns with your personal style, whether you’re looking for a traditional vintage aesthetic, or something more contemporary.

Remember to measure your 1911 before you purchase your holster, and take note of your own measurements so you can choose a solution that will fit comfortably. Where possible, you might find it’s helpful to try different holsters to evaluate their comfort, their draw speed and other factors.


Choose the Best 1911 Holster

Choosing the right 1911 holster for your needs is crucial to your comfort, and safety. The ideal solution will give you the perfect combination of style and functionality, protecting you and your firearm, while enhancing your carry experience. 

At Kirkpatrick, our custom leather holsters offer exceptional durability, superior fit, and access to a range of personalization options to suit your style. 

Visit our website to see our extensive range of holsters, or contact our team for help selecting the perfect match for your 1911 pistol.

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