Kirkpatrick Leather 1911 holsters.

The 1911 has earned the reputation as the gun that won two world wars. An iconic piece of American history, no gun enthusiast’s collection is complete without it. There is no better place for a 1911 to sit, than in a top quality custom molded, 1911 holster. With over 70 years honing our craft, Kirkpatrick Leather holsters are second to none in terms of quality, fit and comfort.

Custom made 1911 Holster

While there are many company’s offering 1911 holsters.  Most offer a one size fits all solution.  Unfortunately, unlike other modern pistols, 1911’s are available from many manufacturers and custom shops with a lot of options.  For 1911 holsters to fit correctly, a one size fits all approach may not be for you.

At Kirkpatrick Leather we are fans of the 1911 pistol.  Many of us here own and carry one for self defense.  My dad, who started Kirkpatrick Leather Co., carried one in WWII and for most of his life.  I personally have a number of them and many of the holster makers here carry 1911’s too.  We collect them; we use them for every day carry, competition and hunting.  And we are always looking for ways to improve our 1911 holsters.  We believe our familiarity with the design helps us communicate with you to make sure you get the perfect 1911 holster.


Our 1911 holsters are available for either cocked and locked carry or hammer down carry.  They can also be custom made for barrel lengths from 3.0” to 6.0”.  If your pistol has custom options like an over-sized safety, suppressor sights, threaded barrel or if it is equipped with a red dot sight.  Give us a call and we can make a beautiful, custom leather 1911 holster for you.

Available in a variety of carry styles, we also offer 1911 holsters for most carry situations.  Our 1911 OWB holsters designed to ride close the body for easy concealment.  Our 1911 IWB holsters will securely hold your firearm and keep it completely out of sight with even light cover.  And for those who prefer a shoulder holsters, our 1911 shoulder holster’s unique harness design will remain flat and keep the pistol close to your body during ordinary daily activity and movements.

We have been proudly making our leather, right here in the U.S.A., since 1950.  Each holster is hand crafted, one at a time, in the great state of Texas using only the finest American leather.  Remember, when you buy from Kirkpatrick Leather Company, you are supporting American jobs & manufacturing.

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