Ruger SP101 Holster

The Ruger SP-101 is one of the best selling concealed carry revolvers in the US. The revolver’s small frame makes the SP101 a great choice for every day carry and in 357 magnum it has more than enough stopping power.  You can purchase a Ruger SP101 in just about every gun store in America but finding a quality concealed carry holster for it can prove to be a challenge. Not enough holster makers making high quality holsters for the Ruger SP101. So if you have chosen the SP101 as your carry revolver and are having trouble finding a good quality holster, your search over.

At Kirkpatrick Leather, we have been making Ruger SP101 holsters since it was introduced in the late 80’s. Our custom SP101 holsters are designed specifically for carrying this revolver. Custom made one at a time, all of our holsters are hand molded for a perfect fit. And like all of our products, our Ruger SP101 holster’s are made in the USA using only American tanned leather.

We have a large variety of carry options including IWB holsters, OWB holsters, shoulder holsters and cross draw holsters. However you decide to carry we’ve got you covered.

Ruger SP101 OWB Holster

UnderCover Ruger SP101 OWB Holster

For outside the waistband carry, our SP101 OWB holster is designed for concealment and comfort. To keep the revolver close to the body it is molded and formed so the revolver follows the contour of your body. Our SP101 holster’s two piece construction with molded front keep the mouth of the holster open for easy one hand re-holstering. Two points of attachment on the belt evenly distribute the weight of the revolver making ideal for all day use. 

s&w 640 shoulder holster

Detective Carry Ruger SP101 Shoulder Holster

If you prefer to use a shoulder holster, our Detective Carry model shoulder holster for the SP101 is ideal. It features a soft pliable genuine leather harness that is contoured to your body. The adjustable shoulder harness design will lay flat and not bunch up during use. The horizontal carry and thumb-break design provides for quick access and easy re-holstering.

Ruger SP101 Crossdraw holster

Crossdraw Ruger SP101 Holster

Kirkpatrick Leather Co. has been making crossdraw holsters holsters for pistols for many years. We recently started offering this holster for small and medium revolvers as well. Our model TCD crossdraw holster for the SP101 can be used as a crossdraw or appendix carry. The belt loop and slot design keep the gun close to the body and in place throughout the day. This holster is made of American vegetable tanned leather, it’s hand molded for perfect fit and has a reinforced open top for an easy draw and re-holstering.