AK47 Leather Scabbard


Introducing our newest addition to the Kirkpatrick Leather family – the Modern Rifle Scabbard & Carrier, also known as the M.S.R. and M.U.R.S. This versatile and durable scabbard is made of American Tanned bridle leather and features multiple mounting options to secure your rifle to a saddle or ATV. It also includes a double snap cover to keep dust and debris out and protect your rifle. The M.U.R.S. carrier is designed for easy access to your extra magazine while on the move. Pre-order now and be one of the first to own the M.S.R. and M.U.R.S. They will begin shipping in July.

Modern Rifle Scabbard & Carrier and the M.U.R.S.

At Kirkpatrick Leather Company, we take pride in crafting high-quality leather products that stand the test of time. Our latest offerings, the Modern Rifle Scabbard (M.R.S.) and the Manly Underarm Reload Satchel (M.U.R.S.), are no exception.

The M.R.S. is handcrafted one at a time in Texas using only American tanned bridle leather in a beautiful reddish-brown color. This leather was chosen for its natural beauty, durability, and flexibility. Bridle leather is traditionally used in harnesses and tack, and it’s known for being tough and lasting for many years, even with daily hard use.

The M.R.S. is a versatile scabbard that offers multiple mounting options to secure the rifle to a saddle or ATV. It has four attachment points and two heavy 60-inch straps. The sewn and riveted D-rings on both sides and one on the end allow you to attach a sling for over-the-shoulder carry. And the sewn and riveted heavy-duty leather carry handle provides one more carry option.

The M.R.S. features a double snap cover that helps protect and secure the rifle from dust and debris. It’s available for both AK-47s and AR-15s, making it an ideal option for rifle owners who want to protect their firearm while on the go.

The M.U.R.S. is a sleek and discreet carrier designed to hold an extra magazine for your rifle. Made of the same American tanned bridle leather as the M.R.S., the M.U.R.S. is built to last. It’s perfect for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to keep their extra mag close at hand.

The M.U.R.S. is worn under your arm, with a strap that goes over your shoulder. It’s accessible and discreet when you need it. The M.U.R.S. is an excellent complement to the M.R.S. and makes reloading your rifle on the go quick and easy.

We are now accepting pre-orders for both the M.R.S. and M.U.R.S. Our skilled craftsmen will start making them in May, and we will begin shipping out in July. All of our products are handcrafted one at a time in Texas using only American leather, and we take great pride in offering the highest quality leatherwork possible.

Don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of high-quality, handcrafted leatherwork from Kirkpatrick Leather Company. Thank you for your continued support, and we can’t wait for you to try out these new products.


Modern Rifle Scabbard, M.U.R.S., Scabbard & MURS



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