Laredoan Handtooled Double Rig


Hand crafted from the finest leather, fully leather lined and hand molded for a perfect fit. Keeping in the tradition of the Old West these holsters are crafted entirely of leather. There is no metal lining or plastic parts, as none are needed. The holsters are hand tooled and hand dyed for a beautiful finish. All edges are burnished then painted for beauty and durability.

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During the early 1900’s, Hollywood started a trend that continues today,romanticizing the tough and dangerous life of the frontiersmen.

The “Laredoan Double” rig has a double drop belt with two holsters, one right and one left. This double rig configuration allows you to draw one revolver with each hand.

Made of high quality leather, the 1914-D is the perfect way to show off your matching revolvers.

The “Laredoan Double” comes with twenty-four bullets loops and latigo leather leg and hammer tie downs.

Also available with silver plated conchos on belt and holsters come with your choice of either silver plated conchos or initials.

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