Colt Python Holster OWB – Model 2020PY


Colt Python Holster Model 2020 OWB. Handcrafted from premium American leather, our holsters are designed to perfectly complement and secure your legendary revolver. Embrace the best with Kirkpatrick Leather’s unmatched craftsmanship and dedication to creating the ultimate holster for the iconic Colt Python, showcasing the finest American-made quality since 1950.

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Colt Python Holster Model 2020 OWB

The Colt Python has long been revered as one of the finest wheelguns across generations. Known for its precision, smooth action, and exceptional craftsmanship, the Python has captivated firearm enthusiasts worldwide. After a 15-year hiatus, this world-famous revolver has made a triumphant return, and at Kirkpatrick Leather, we’ve risen to the challenge of creating a Colt Python holster that embodies the same remarkable quality and functionality as the revolver itself.

With over seven decades of experience in crafting premium holsters, we have meticulously designed our Colt Python holster using the finest American leather. This exceptional holster is both beautiful and practical, making it the perfect companion for your iconic Colt Python revolver.

Each Colt Python holster we create is hand-dyed, burnished, and polished to ensure a durable and lasting finish. Handcrafted individually by our skilled artisans, every holster is hand-molded to achieve a perfect fit for the revolver. Our custom-made Colt Python holsters are available for 3″, 4.25″ and 6″ barrels, in black, brown, or tan.

Ultra Concealable Colt Python Holster

  • Contoured to the hip for optimal comfort and concealment
  • Subtle FBI cant minimizes profile and enhances ease of draw
  • 1 1/2″ belt slots prevent shifting or movement, ensuring a secure fit
  • 8 oz. American vegetable-tanned leather construction for durability and longevity
  • Molded for a perfect fit, requiring no break-in period
  • Hand-dyed for a stunning finish that complements the Colt Python’s aesthetics
  • Hand-burnished and dyed edges for added protection against moisture
  • Double-stitched with heavy-duty thread to withstand daily wear and tear

Since 1950, Kirkpatrick Leather has been proudly handcrafting custom holsters in Texas, using only high-quality American leather. We begin by cutting from the best part of the hide and hand-dye each Colt Python holster to ensure a rich, deep color that beautifully complements your firearm. Sewn using seven-cord bonded nylon thread, our holsters are double-stitched in all critical areas, ensuring maximum durability.

Our Colt Python holsters are expertly molded for a perfect fit and contoured to the hip for maximum comfort. The edges are sanded and hand-burnished to create a smooth, glossy finish that prevents moisture from penetrating the leather. A clear coating adds a layer of protection to the final product.

Designed to secure your firearm while providing instant access when needed, our concealed carry holsters are built to last a lifetime. When you choose a Kirkpatrick Leather Colt Python holster, you’re not only investing in a high-quality product but also supporting American jobs and manufacturing.

Embrace the perfect blend of form and function with our Colt Python holster, and experience the difference in quality that Kirkpatrick Leather has to offer.

We have been proudly making our custom holsters right here in the great state of Texas, since 1950. All our holsters are custom made from high quality American leather.

How Our Colt Python Holsters are made

We start by cutting from the best part of the hide.  We then hand dye the holster to ensure a rich deep color that will accent your firearm.  All our holsters are sewn using seven cord bonded nylon thread and double stitched in all critical areas.  Each holster is then hand molded for a perfect fit and contoured to the hip for comfort. The edges are then sanded and hand burnished to a smooth glossy finish.  This helps prevent moisture from entering the edges of the leather.  They are then polished and finished with a clear coating to protect the finish. Our concealed carry designs secure your firearm while still providing instant access when needed. Our holsters are built to last a lifetime.

Remember, when you buy from Kirkpatrick Leather Company, you are supporting American jobs & manufacturing


Weight 1 lbs

Hand Dyed Brown, Hand Dyed Black, Hand Dyed Saddle Tan

Barrel Length

2 1/2", 3", 4 1/4", 6"


Right Handed, Left Handed

Inside Finish

Standard (Unlined), Suede Lined +$50, Smooth Leather Lined +$70



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