Ruger Holster

Looking for a holster for your Ruger firearm? Look no further. At Kirkpatrick Leather Co., we handcraft holsters specifically designed for the modern versions of Ruger semi-auto firearms, including the Ruger P345, P89, P95, SR40, SR9, SR9C and more.

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We take pride in continuously improving our Ruger holsters to meet the needs and satisfaction of our customers. With over 50 years of experience in hand-crafting leather holsters, you can trust that you are getting quality and expertise when you choose a Kirkpatrick Ruger holster.

Take, for example, the Ruger SR9. It boasts a slim, ergonomic grip and sleek slide, making it both comfortable and manageable. The short reach from the backstrap to the trigger adds to the comfort level, challenging any standard-sized striker-fired pistol on the market today. The SR9’s structurally rigid, recoil-reducing, glass-filled nylon frame and stainless-steel slide make it a low-maintenance, durable, and dependable handgun.

The Ruger P345 and P95 also have an excellent reputation for rugged dependability and durability. With a 25-year reputation of reliability, durability, and performance in the field, these guns are simple, economical, and serviceable. Made with either custom-compound polymer or hard-coated, aircraft-quality aluminum frames, steel slides, and polymer grip panels, P-Series guns provide numerous years of trouble-free service and confidence.

Choose a Kirkpatrick Ruger holster and experience the perfect blend of quality, comfort, and performance for your Ruger firearm.