QuickShip 1911 Holsters

At Kirkpatrick Leather Company, we pride ourselves on handcrafting every single one of our holsters with the utmost attention to detail. Our 1911 Quickship holsters are no exception to this commitment to quality. What makes our Quickship holsters different is that they’re one of our most popular items, and we’ve become extremely efficient at making them. This allows us to ship them out faster than our custom made-to-order holsters. But don’t let the quick turnaround time fool you – our Quickship holsters are still made with the same high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship as all of our holsters. They are hand-molded one at a time,  ensuring a perfect fit for your firearm.

Quickship Holsters Ship in 2-7 Business Days.

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At Kirkpatrick Leather, we understand that sometimes you need a holster in a hurry. That’s why we offer a selection of quickship holsters for the 1911, ensuring that you can get the holster you need without any unnecessary delay. Our quickship 1911 holsters are crafted using the same high-quality materials and attention to detail that we put into all of our products.

The 1911 is an iconic handgun that’s been in use for over a century. It’s a reliable and accurate firearm that’s popular with law enforcement, military personnel, and civilian gun enthusiasts alike. We believe that the holster you choose should be just as reliable and accurate as the firearm itself. That’s why we offer a range of quickship 1911 holster options, each designed to provide a secure fit and comfortable wear.

Our quickship holsters are made one at a time, ensuring that each holster is crafted to our exacting standards. We use only the finest American leather, and every stitch is made with care to ensure that the holster will last for years to come. We believe that a holster should be both functional and beautiful, and our quickship 1911 holsters reflect that philosophy.