Springfield Xd Holster

All of the holsters listed here are made for the Springfield Armory XD 45 ACP, XD Sub Compact, XD Compact, XD Service Model, XD Tactical Model & XDM.

We have been adjusting designs and regularly improving our springfield xd holsters to satisfy our clients. Remember when you have picked a Kirkpatrick springfield xd holster you are getting over fifty years of experience in hand-crafting leather holsters. While absolutely no gun will make you shoot better; the proper pistol will allow you to shoot better. The Springfield XD & XDM are weapons designed to work with the body. Therefore you can reach your full potential as a shooter. Listed here are some of the great features these guns offer:

You can check the striker status indicator looking at it or just by touching it to confirm whether it is cocked.
It has a loaded chamber indicator allowing you to verify whether or not there is a round inside the chamber by touch or sight.
It also uses Ultra Safety Assurance Trigger System that will help protect against unintentional discharge from droping or bumping. Furthermore it locks the trigger until strong rearwards pressure is applied to it.
It also carries a grip safety which only allows the gun to fire once you have a firm grip on the handgun.


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