Ruger Holster

Every one of the holsters below are suitable for the Ruger P345, P89, P95, SR40, SR9 & SR9C.

We’ve been adjusting designs and continually improving our ruger holsters to satisfy our clients. Do not forget that once you have chosen a Kirkpatrick ruger holster you are getting more than fifty years of experience in hand-crafting leather holsters. The Ruger SR9 is flawlessly sized for being comfortable and manageable. It has a slim, ergonomic grip and sleek slide. With a short reach from the backstrap to the trigger; the SR9 creates a comfort level that will challenge any standard-sized striker-fired pistol on the market today. It contains a  structurally rigid, recoil-reducing, glass-filled nylon frame and stainless-steel slide. Which generate a low-maintenance, durable and dependable handgun.

The SR9 packs all of the features required by today’s most demanding shooters; including modern blocker, trigger safety and magazine disconnect. It also has a visual and tactile loaded chamber indicator.

Ruger P345 & P95
An excellent Reputation in Rugged Dependability and Durability. With a 25 year reputation of reliability, durability and performance in the field. The P-Series guns are simple, economical, and serviceable. Most importantly, these guns can be relied on to perform in unfavorable conditions.

Made with either custom-compound polymer or hard-coated, aircraft-quality aluminum frames, steel slides and polymer grip panels. P-Series guns provide numerous years of trouble-free service and confidence. Ruger Holster.

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