Kirkpatrick's Lady Tequila rig an article by John Taffin

Men and women are different; always have been, always will be. Women, obviously physically different also require sixgun leather made to fit their needs and shape. Enter Kirkpatrick Leather and the Lady Tequila custom made for Diamond Dot Taffin. The belt is cut on a curve specifically to fit the female hips. It is also designed to be buckled in the back, so that the back of the belt actually rides in the front and carries eight shotgun shells across the center with five cartridge loops on each side of the shotgun shells and in front the holsters. The holsters hang straight with a three-inch drop from the top of the belt to the body of the holster. For those who prefer once straight drop and one crossdraw, the Lady Tequila is also offered in this configuration. Sometimes, as the years pass, belts have a mysterious way of shrinking. To combat this mystery the Lady Tequila is very easily adjustable as both the buckle and billet are attached to the belt proper with Chicago screws and can be easily replaced with longer versions, or even shorter lengths if desired.

Anyone with any experience with Kirkpatrick Leather knows both quality leather and quality of workmanship is always top drawer and the Lady Tequila is about as good as it gets. The belt itself is fully lined, border stamped all around except for the area of the ammunition loops. We should also point out the fact that the loops or the shotgun shells have a thick strip of leather sewn immediately below the loops so the shotgun shells ride high and easy to reach. The bottom edge of the belt is decorated with B movie Western-style silver spots. Each holster is also fully lined, double stitched along the edge for extra strength, and the top of each holster is flared outward for easy removal and replacement of the six gun.

The holsters themselves are finished in basket stamped pattern surrounded by border stamping and also a full row of nickel spots. Whether shooting Cowboy Action or Cowboy Fast Draw or for just general everyday use, a holster should ride tightly on the belt so it is always in the same position when one reaches for the sixgun grip. The Lady Tequila holsters are held tightly to the belt with Chicago screws and a wide heavy strip of leather below the belt. The backflaps of each holster are also contoured to fit the ladies hips. Finally each holster is held tightly to the backflap with another Chicago screw at the bottom and also a loop around theholster body. All in all the Lady Tequila not only follows function perfectly, its form is also mighty pleasing to look at, making it another excellent rig from Kirkpatrick Leather.

………John “The Sixgunner” Taffin