Desert Eagle Holsters

The Best Desert Eagle Holsters

As a custom leather holster shop we often receive customer requests for guns holsters that are not available anywhere else.  After spending some time reviewing such request and working on new innovative designs, we realized the dessert eagle was the holster the people wanted. It took sometime and a few prototypes until we finally achieved a few designs for a products we knew you would love. 

The Desert Eagle is a large-framed, gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol produced by Magnum Research. The Desert Eagle has been featured in over Five-hundred movies and TV films, drastically raising its popularity. Such an iconic gun  deserves a iconic holster to match. We present to you our new line of desert eagle holsters.  Keep in mind that when you chose a Kirkpatrick desert eagle holster you will get over half a century of expertise in hand-crafting leather holsters.  

Stay tuned for more new release products in the near future!

Model 2010 Desert Eagle Holster

Our most popular desert eagle holster, the Undercover, is our take on the classic pancake style holster.  The double belt slots ensure your desert eagle stays firmly in place during a one-handed draw and during holstering.  The contoured design keeps the holster flat against your body and keeps the holster open when your pistol is in use.  If you’re looking for a holster that will allow you to comfortably carry your desert eagle this is the one!

Model RDE - The Renegade Desert Eagle Holster

Not long after the introduction of our Renegade rig customers asked if we could make the same design for other guns.  While we took some time to look at multiple holster requests, we came to realized that no other company makes an acceptable rig for a desert eagle. So we spent some time and designed the best desert eagle crossdraw holster on the market. We wanted something that was comfortable, sleek and durable yet, still allowed for an easy seated position draw. Especially on those days when you’re riding around at the ranch. We introduce to you the brand new, one of a kind, Renegade Desert Eagle Holster.


Looking for the best Desert Eagle Holster? 


Our Desert Eagle leather holsters feature:

    -Hand Molding for retention and access
    -Constructed with American saddle leather to keep holster open for one handed holstering
    -Contoured design for comfortable EDC all day
    -Double stitching for extreme durability
    -Width specific belt loops and slots for stability
    -Hand dyed finish for deep rich color

We have been proudly making our leather, right here in the U.S.A., since 1950.  Each holster is hand crafted, one at a time, in the great state of Texas using only the finest American leather.  Remember, when you buy from Kirkpatrick Leather Company, you are supporting American jobs & manufacturing.