About Us

Who We Are

Dear Friends,
Kirkpatrick Leather Company has been manufacturing quality leather holsters since 1950, offering the best selection of western gunbelts in the market today.

We’ve been changing designs and continuously improving our holsters to satisfy our many customers. Keep in mind that when you have chosen a Kirkpatrick holster you are getting over fifty years of experience in hand-crafting leather.

We offer our personal guarantee: “the best quality leather, the right fit for your gun and a service second to none.”


Joe W. Kirkpatrick

Joe Kirkpatrick founder of Kirkpatrick leather

The Leather Shop

Photography of the Kirkpatrick Leather Factory
Photography of the Kirkpatrick 2145 OWB holster and 72D mag carrier in black
Photography of the Kirkpatrick Leather rifle shell holder
Making a leather holster
Jasonmaking a new holster for Parker
Jason Kirkpatrick and friends at the leather shop
Parker and friends at Kirkpatrick leather factory
Photography of Kirkpatrick Leather factory
Photography of some custom Rifle shell holders

At the Gun Range

Jackie and liz shooting at the arena gun club indoor range
Photography of Valeria wearing our shoulder holster
Shooting M1 Garand at Arena Gun Club indoor range
Photography of Kirkpatrick holsters at the gun range
Photography of the Kirkpatrick TSS OWB holster


Photography of Kirkpatrick TCC IWB holser
Photography of Kirkpatrick 2010 OWB holster for the FN
Photography of Kirkpatrick 2145 OWB belt holster
Kirkpatrick Leather photography of OWB holster and mag carrier
Photography of Kirkpatrick TXC IWB holster in black
Photography of Kirkpatrick leather TSS OWB holster and 72D mag carrier
Photography of Joanna wearing the prospector western holster
Joana wearing a Kirkpatrick Leather TSS OWB holster
Photography of Victoria wearing the Kirkpatrick undercover OWB holster