Sig P365 Shoulder Holster Model K-400


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The model K-400 shoulder holster is an extremely comfortable and secure way to carry your new Sig P365.  Custom made using American leather, our Sig P365 shoulder holster is hand molded for a perfect fit to keep your gun securely in place while providing quick access when needed.   Our Sig P365 shoulder holster’s thumb break design allows you to safely unsnap your gun from retention while maintaining a positive shooting grip on the firearm so that you can quickly transition from drawing to firing.


Shoulder Harness

Making sure our shoulder holster is easy to conceal we cut our shoulder strap on a contour, from soft thin genuine leather.  This insures the straps remain flat against your body, providing better concealment under even light cover.  For comfort we used a wide strap design to distribute weight evenly, reducing fatigue during extended use.

Custom made in Texas by skilled leather workers each Model K-400 shoulder holster is custom made to secure your Sig P365 while providing easy access and all day comfort.  If you are considering a shoulder holster for your every day carry and are looking for a high quality, comfortable, durable and beautiful holster give ours a try and see why we think our P365 shoulder holster is the best choice.

All Sig P365 shoulder holsters can be ordered in hand dyed black, brown or tan finish.  In both right or left hand draw.


  • Durable saddle leather holster construction
  • Soft and tough leather shoulder straps cut on a contour
  • Stitched with heavy duty 7 cord bonded thread
  • Hand molded to the P365 for a perfect fit
  • Hand molded sight channel to prevent drag
  • Thumb-break design for quick access and full grip when drawing
  • Adjustable size shoulder holster harness from Small to XL
  • Made in the USA

Price includes:
K-400 harness
K-400 holster