OWB Holsters Instock

We are still currently adding to our OWB holsters instock page. Don’t forget to stop by every week and check for updates.

OWB Holsters Instock available for Glock, Sig Sauer, S&W, Springfield Armory, Ruger, 1911 handguns and more. Our OWB holsters instock are hand crafted for each specific gun. They are hand molded and contoured to ensure perfect fit and comfort. We have a variety of styles to choose from.

We have been proudly making our custom holsters right here in the great state of Texas, since 1950. All our holsters are custom made from high quality American leather.

How our holsters are built

We start by cutting from the best part of the hide.  We then hand dye the holster to ensure a rich deep color that will accent your firearm.  All our holsters are sewn using seven cord bonded nylon thread and double stitched in all critical areas.  Each holster is then hand molded for a perfect fit and contoured to the hip for comfort. The edges are then sanded and hand burnished to a smooth glossy finish.  This helps prevent moisture from entering the edges of the leather.  They are then polished and finished with a clear coating to protect the finish. Our concealed carry designs secure your firearm while still providing instant access when needed. Our holsters are built to last.

Remember, when you buy from Kirkpatrick Leather Company, you are supporting American jobs & manufacturing

All our instock holsters have free U.S. shipping. Shop today and find the perfect leather holster for your favorite handgun.

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