Kirkpatrick Leather takes pride in its products. Every one of our products are built to last and guarantee satisfaction.

With the help of “Kali leather life” you can maximize the life of your leather goods. It helps the leather maintain it’s resilience and strength by delivering refined animal protein compounds to the fiber of the leather. It leaves your leather looking clean and bright. In most cases, it will even restore some of the original dye color of faded dyed leathers.

Kali leather life works great on anything made of leather: holsters, boots, shoes, purses, luggage, garments, furniture, etc.

It will also dissolve wax as well as dirt. Spread liberally onto surface with hand or soft brush. Allow a few minutes for penetration. While surface is still moist buff lightly with soft cloth. Wait at least four hours before re polishing if necessary. Other miscellaneous items Kirkpatrick Leather Coasters are now available.

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