HK P7 Holster

The finest Heckler & Koch P7 inside the waistband holster on the market. The new model KP7 holster is designed specifically for this revolutionary fiream. While there are other holsters available for the Heckler & Koch squeeze cocker; Kirkpatrick’s model KP7 is built specifically for the weapon’s unique design.

The short overall length of the P7 can make it top heavy when carried in a conventional holster. This is especially true for the M8 and M13 models. In order to keep the gun close to the body, our holster features a closed bottom design that projects past the muzzle better anchoring the holster. The KP7 is cut and molded on a contour and the belt loops are spaced apart so as not to imprint when using light cover. The holster is relieved below the front cocking lever eliminating the need to readjust your grip after drawing. A molded sight rail keeps your front sight from snagging while the the metal reinforced top aids in one handed holstering.

KP7 Features

If you are looking for a high quality holster for your H&k P7 look not further. The KP7 holster is custom made in the state of Texas by by experienced leather smiths using only the finest American leather.

The model KP7 inside the waistband holster is available for the HK pistol model P7PSP, the P7M8 and the P7M13.

Reinforced top
Shirt guard
Full-grip access
Molded sight track
Contoured for body
Extremely thin profile

Kirkpatrick Leather Company has been making custom holsters since 1950. With over 60 years in business you can rest assured we will be there for service after the sale. We have built and mantained our leather company for over half a century by repeat business, customers satisfaction and word of mouth. Using only American leather and manufactured in the USA, our holsters are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you receive a Kirkpatrick Leather Company holster that does not meet or exceed your expectations for quality, fit or finish simply return it for a full refund.

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